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I am interested in volunteering in the following areas: Providing Foster Care (i.e., providing temporary care and housing of homeless animals, obtaining vet care (paid by WAG), providing love and attention, assessing/addressing behavior, attending adopt-a-pets)
Assisting with Adoption Events (i.e., walking dogs, upkeep of cages, introduction of animals to prospective adopters, cage set-up, transportation of animals, adopt-a-pets (weekends / 4-5 hour commitment)
Fund Raising (i.e., assisting with implementation of planned events such as Pictures with Santa, Koeze Nut Sales, annual garage sales, community outreach events, and baking)
Miscellaneous (i.e., transportation of animals to adopt-a-pets and/or vet visits, pickup and delivery of donations, follow-up phone calls, assisting with newsletter or other mailings, photographing of foster animals, etc.)
Committee Member (i.e., assist with planning, implementing, and maintaining various functions and processes of the organization, such as fundraising, adoptions, events, public relations, community outreach, web site/internet communications, etc.)
PO BOX 222 Wyandotte, MI 48192
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