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Welcome to this month's newsletter.
Spring is a time of renewal and enjoying longer, warmer days. But in animal rescue we also refer to spring as the beginning of kitten season. Every year at around this time, shelters start filling up with unwanted batches of domestic and wild kittens and cats. Many of these poor babies don't even live to see 6 or 8 weeks old due to illness, injury or euthanasia. Much of this could be eliminated with spaying and neutering and many veterinarians are now offering these services at a low cost. One of these, in the heart of downriver, is the PAWS Clinic. Visit them at: http://thepawsclinic.com
Another one is All About Animals Spay/Neuter Clinic: http://allaboutanimalsrescue.org/spayneuter.html Spaying and neutering also is much healthier for your dog or cat and greatly reduces their risk of getting certain types of cancer.
Please Adopt Me...Featured Pets
Meet JuJu Bean
JuJu Bean is a female Australian Cattle Dog/Terrier mix. She does suffer from seizures but is on medication, which has shown great improvement in decreasing the frequency and severity of the seizures. JuJu Bean weights about 40 pounds and should not get any larger. Her trust in people continues to grow and evolve, and she is really acting like a happy dog these days. She is a year and a half old, crate trained and up to date on all her vaccinations. JuJu Bean is also on heart worm and flea preventative.
Clara Bell...Left to Freeze
This poor kitty was found freezing out in the December cold on someone's porch. The good samaritan called WAG and by the end of January, one of Clara Bell's ears fell off from frostbite. Then the other one fell off by the end of February.Now she looks like a cute cat with no ears! If we could only get her one eye cleared up she will be ready for adoption!!Please follow her updates at our website:www.waganimalrescue.com and click on our cats.
I Found A Forever Home...Yay!
We love to hear how our former WAG family members are doing. Please email us your pictures and stories about your adopted WAG pets. This letter is from one of our new pet parents.
Meet Shelby - Formerly Twinkle Toes
I thought I would let you know how Twinkle Toes is doing. We call him Shelby, I know it sounds like a girls name but my husband (Dave) calls him Shelby GT after his car.I can tell you that I am not doing good today, it is the first day I went back to work and I miss Shelby so much. He is such a character and his personality is so cute and lovable and so playful.Shelby bonded to Dave and Dave to Shelby. We love him so much I am going crazy here at work because I want to be with him. And yes he is already spoiled and we will spoil him more. Shelby is a big part of us thank-you for picking us to be Shelbys family.- Karen Wozniak
Keep Your Cat...  5 Ways to Control Allergies...
Bowling For A Cause...a Big Success!
Thank you to everyone who came out to Woodhaven Lanes March 26th to bowl for homeless animals. We had twice as many bowlers as last year and lots of raffle prizes. Thank you to the bowlers and anyone who donated a prize or bought raffle tickets. Look for our next one in late summer or fall. We will keep you posted.
That's it for this month's newsletter. As always, you can view the latest WAG news and list of adoptable pets on our website: http://waganimalrescue.com. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, you can pay with Paypal on our site or mail your donation to:
WAG Animal Rescue
P.O. Box 222
Wyandotte, MI
Why a cow, not your cat, may be aggravating your allergies.One of the main reasons cats are brought into shelters every year is because someone in the household has allergies. This article addresses alternatives to having to give up your family pet.http://health.msn.com/health-topics/allergies/keep-your-cat-5-ways-to-control-asthma-itching-and-allergies#scptid