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Please indicate what you would be willing to foster: (large, medium, or small breed dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, bottle fed animals, sick or injured or need socialization;....)
How many adults reside in your home?
Do you have children? If so, how many and what are their ages?
Are all family members aware and are in agreement with fostering a WAG animal(s)?
Do any members of the household have any allergies? If so, describe:
Do you live in a house, apartment, condo, mobile home?
If renting, Landlord's name and phone number:
Please describe fencing of your yard: (Fully fenced with chain link, privacy fence, invisible fence, partially fenced, not fenced)
List of all your current pets (list breeds, ages, sex, and names):
Are they spayed/neutered?
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On heartworm prevention?
Does your pets get along with other animals?
Who is your veterinarian? (clinic name AND phone number):
Do you have an area in your house to confine foster animals? If so, where?
How many hours will you be away from home daily, if any?
WAG has an adoption event every Saturday at the Livonia PetSmart (Middlebelt Road and 96) from 11 to 3pm. We ask that fosters try to come and bring their animals to at least 3 times a month. It is where most animals are adopted from. Is that something you would be willing to do?

Please be aware that WAG connot guarantee the immediate placement of your foster animals.  The animal may be in your care for a lengthy stay, although we make every effort to find homes for our animals as quickly as possible. Should you become unable to continue fostering for WAG, you must contact the Foster Care Coordinator. WAG will then make every effort to find a replacement foster home as soon as possible.

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