Interested in: Cat's Name:
2nd Choice:
Age of applicant:
Age of co-applicant:
Do you live with your parents?
City, State, Zip
Home Phone #:
Cell Phone #:
Email Address:
Do you live in a: House
Mobile Home
If renting, Landlord's name and phone number:
How long have you lived at your present address?
Are you adopting for: Yourself
Are you looking for an: Inside only cat
Outside cat
Inside/Outside cat
Why do you want this cat? Companion
Child's Pet
How many adults reside in your home?
Children and Ages:
Are all members of the household in agreement with adopting this pet?
Does any members of the household have any allergies?
If so, describe:
Who will be responsible for taking care of the pet?
What arrangements have you made to care for the pet in case you can no longer do so?
How many hours per day will this animal be left alone?
Where will the pet be kept when left alone?
List of all current Pets. Please include breed, name, age:
Are they up to date on vaccines:
Are they spayed/neutered:
Are they on Heartworm Prevenative:
List all previous Pets in the last 5 years. Please include breed, name, age:
Were they up to date on vaccines:
Were they spayed/neutered:
Were they on Heartworm Prevenative:
Does pet live inside/outside?
How long did you have your pet?
Why is pet no longer with you?
Who is your current/previous veterinarian? (List clinic name AND PHONE NUMBER. Please contact your vet clinic and give them permission to release your pet's information.)
Are your current and previous pet listed under your name?
If no, please list name:
How much time do your current/previous pets spend outside?
How much time would your new cat spend outside?
Rescue animals require time to adjust to their new home. What amount of time do you consider to be reasonable for adjustment?
There are costs involved in having a pet.The average cost for preventative veterinary care is $100-$200. Additionally there are expenses of food, toys, grooming, boarding, emergency vet care, etc. to consider, does your household budget allow you to comfortably cover these expenses?
What behaviors would you be unable to tolerate from an adopted cat? (check all that apply) Scratching Furniture
Jumping On The Furniture
Playing In Early A.M. Hours
Getting Into Trash/Garbage Cans
Getting On Counter Tops
Hiding From Guests/Other Family Members
Shedding On Furniture/Clothing
Climbing On Curtains/Drapes/Blinds
Throwing Up Hairballs
Getting Into Cabinets/Closets/Cupboards
Inability to Get Along With Other Animals
Not Quickly Adjusting To Other Pets in The Home
Methods I plan to use to discourage un-wanted behaviors:
You understand that rescue cats may have unknown medical history/problems?
You understand that rescue cats may have unknown behavior issues?
Additional information you would like to provide to WAG:

The above information that I have provided to WAG Animal Rescue for the purpose of adopting an animal is accurate and complete.


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